About Me

Well, if you’re reading this page, you’re probably wondering who I am and what I’ve done to give me any credibility with regard to composing and arranging for Concert Bands. So here’s some info about me and what I’ve done.

First, I am a published writer of music for… (insert drum roll)…junior Concert Bands. I have a number of pieces published through Brolga Music and have recently been published by Grand Mesa Music.  I am also a published writer of music for Jazz Ensemble through Jalen Music. A number of my pieces have been on festival lists both in Australia and internationally. Several pieces for Concert Band have been featured at the Mid West Clinic as part of the new music reading sessions and 10 of my pieces have been selected for JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice lists in the last 2 years.

“But…” you cry, “have you any experience in the real world, with real students who sometimes struggle to assemble their instrument from memory?”

Well, as it happens, yes, yes I do. I’ve been an instrumental music teacher and ensemble director for over 20 years. My primary instrument is trumpet, but I teach (and some varying degrees play) all brass instruments. I’ve also played the following with ensembles at school (and other places) – flute, clarinet, bass, piano, and percussion. Double reeds still remain something of a black art as far as I’m concerned. I’ve taught students from as young as 8 right up to mature aged students (I think my record is a 60 year old Euphonium player). I know what it’s like to work with a band that has less than 10 players and also a beginner band of 90 students. I’ve also worked in a variety of school types – boys, girls, co-ed, primary, secondary, P-12, government, independant, Catholic…etc.

“Ah yes, but what about qualifications from a recognised institution? (apparently the ones you get from cereal packets don’t count anymore…who knew!)”

I have a B.Education (Music) from Melbourne University, a M.Phil. (Jazz Composition & Arranging) from ANU, and a M.Certificate in Composition for Film & TV from Berklee Music (Online).

Apart from that, you should know I was born at an early age and my parents moved alot when I was in school, but I always found them again.

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