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Sharpen the Axe

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

Abraham Lincoln

From my last post, you will know that writing isn’t’ going so well for me at the moment. So, I’m going to “sharpen my axe”. Today I’m listening to some Miles Davis whilst reading this great research paper: Inside the Score in the 21st CenturyOne quick look at this article and you’ll realise that it’s not about writing for Concert Band. This is ok for two reasons…

  1. Great composition happens in every genre and great ideas can come from anywhere. For you think might mean taking a walk, going to the ballet or visiting an art gallery, or something else entirely.
  2. I also write for Big Band (Jazz Ensemble), so it is a little more directly relevant for me.

The article also references several notable contemporary Big Band writers and their works, which I will also listen to.

Then I’m going to analyse a beginner band piece that we are doing at school Ogopogo by Robert Buckley.

A day of listening, analyzing and hopefully learning…with any luck my “axe” will be sharper at the end of the day.


Fries with that?

In the spirit of up-selling and brand extension, as a follow on the my smash hit previous post “New Works”, let me  tell you about my latest works for Big Band.

This year I’ve got 4 new charts out with Jalen Publishing, 3 of which made it to JW Pepper’s Editors’ Choice list (which I’m quietly pretty darn happy about!).

The charts are:

  1. Samba Del Lado
  2. Lazy Day
  3. It’s Cool In Vegas
  4. Scoot

Not only do these charts sound great, they also look great as wallpaper and can be used as fuel on a cool winter night. So, get in quick and buy a few hundred!!!